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Sugar Rush Dee Dee is a Series Three Dee Dee release and part of the sub-line Dance Party.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Violet, right glancing, smaller eyed expression. Fancy pink eyeshadow.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile, hot pink lips.
  • Arms: Right Straight Arm, left Bent Arm.

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: The right side is mint green with white and teal streaks. The left side is pink with white and dark pink streaks.
  • Style: Soft curls. Front part of the hair is pulled into a bun.


Glittery pink dress with a white cupcake print, pink tulle sleeves, and a blue and white striped ribbon waistband.


Pink ice cream flats. The soles are beige with a waffle cone texture. The top of the show looks like dripping hot pink ice cream with dollops of whipped cream and cherries.


Cupcake shaped purse with a pink top and blue cupcake liner with a red strap.

Hair Extension

Blonde hair extensions on a black, heart shaped, sandwich cookie hair clip. Color change. The hair will turn pink when in cold temperatures.

Hair Tool

Water applicator shaped like a blue, white, and pink popsicle on a beige stick.