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Sugar Skull Skylar is a Series Four Skylar release. She is part of the Garden Party sub-line.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Purple, forward facing. Elaborate Day of the Dead themed makeup.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile, hot pink lips.
  • Arms: Heart Hands
  • Scent: Floral

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Dark brown with a single purple streak underneath. There is gold, blue, and pink tinsel throughout.
  • Style: Soft curls, middle part. Hair is pulled into a low ponytail. There is also a loose curl over each ear.


Pink high-lo dress with a skull pattern, sheer purple sleeves, and black ribbon accents


Purple combat boots with pink soles and laces.

First Accessory

Purple headband with gold and bronze glittery marigolds

Second Accessory

Purple skull shaped shoulder bag with black, blue and pink painted details.

Spray Bottle

Translucent purple perfume bottle. The label reads "Le Fleur" and has a graphic of Skylar and poinsettia flowers.


  • While not marked as "rare" on the Collector's Sheets, Sugar Skull Skylar has all of the hallmarks of being a rare doll. Her stand is gold, her hairbrush has silver accents, her hair has multicolored tinsel, and she has elaborate makeup inspired by Mexican sugar skulls. It is unknown if the Collector's Sheet was misprinted or if a manufacturing error made her a more common find than originally intended.
  • While Sugar Skull Skylar is packaged with chunky purple boots, her concept art and prototypes depict white lace-up sandals.