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Super Neila is a Rare Series One Neila release.

Full Description


  • Skin Tone: Super Neila has a unique light green skin tone.
  • Bodysuit: Unlike standard Series One Neila dolls, she has a metallic magenta bodysuit.
  • Eyes: Magenta, forward facing. Purple eyeshadow. Her eyebrows are light green.
  • Face: Closed mouth smile. Pale pink lips.
  • Arms: Heart Hands

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Pale silver/mint green/light blue hair, loosely curled. The front silver section has integrated holographic tinsel.
  • Style: Slightly curly, no part. Initially styled into a high ponytail.


Pink and white lamé/iridescent dress. Bodice has v neckline, printed white iridescent crossed ribbons, and flared cap sleeves. Front quarter circle skirt has three layered stripes of iridescent textured glittery ribbon. Back has no seams between bodice and skirt.


Light green knee high boots. Two molded stars on the outer sides. Toes are slightly curved up. Tongue is white with three spikes at top; buckles are slightly textured and pale purple. Heels have grooved lines. Smooth soles.

First Accessory

Pink translucent solid piece visor. Straight top, curved bottom. Two molded thunderbolts on sides of lens; right one is painted yellow, while left is unpainted.

Second Accessory

Pink translucent gemstone tiara. Curved headband. Five six-faceted gemstones; largest at center with size decreasing outward. Four small circular "beads" molded on band in spaces between stones; center two are larger than outer two. Molded teeth behind band to grip tiara to hair.


Red Bow Comb.


Super Neila showing the Heart Hands.

  • Super Neila is different in skin tone and hair color than her regular releases.
  • While promo images show matched Bent Arms, the doll has Heart Hands.