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Sweet Treats Dee Dee is a Series One Dee Dee release.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Violet, right glancing. Dark pink eyeshadow.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile. Bright pink lips.
  • Arms: Heart Hands

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Left side mint green; two teal streaks flanking white centered streak. Right side pink; two darker pink streaks flanking white centered streak.
  • Style: Straight, center parted. Initially styled into two high pigtails.


One-piece sleeveless satin gummy bear dress. Bodice has pink and white stripes running diagonally, slight shimmer, two pink ribbons for shoulder straps, and pink tulle ruffles over armscythe. Pink ribbon waistband. Circle skirt has alternating pink and blue gummy bears, slight shimmer, pink tulle trim at hem (pink topstitching).


Translucent gummy bear flats. The left shoe is bright pink, right shoe bright blue (has an R inside inner sole). Each shoe has small molded ears, eyes, and nose. Soles have a molded gummy bear.

Shoes may also come with swapped shoes, where the left is blue.

First Accessory

Translucent blue plastic gummy bear hair clip. Molded, unpainted features and limbs.

Second Accessory

Translucent pink plastic heart glasses. Rims are heart shaped and molded to resemble licorice twists; temples (ear pieces) have two molded hearts on sides.


Teal Dipped Hair Bow Comb.