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Rayne Showers, a Series One Ultra Rare.

Ultra Rare Versions are the hardest to find versions of a Series' release.

Ultra Rare Dolls have unique traits such as added tinsel, different/unique skin tones, and/or glittery accessories. They may also have unique backdrops. There is generally only one Ultra Rare in a series.

While Pets and Shortcuts series include Ultra Rares, they will often not have Rares.

Ultra Rares are found in about every four hundred packages in the main series. They are marked with a star (Ultrararestar-small.png) on the Collector's Sheet[1] (and often shown in a multicolored silhouette only) and a ★ on lists here.

List of Ultra Rares

Series One

Series Two

Series Three

Series Four

Series Five

  • Kat's Number One

Pets - Series One

Pets - Series Two

  • Late Night Lemon

Shortcuts - Series One

  • Ultimate Maya

Shortcuts - Series Two

  • Marisol in China

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  1. On Pets (Series One), the diamond (Rarediamond-small.png) is used instead.