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The Introduction

Admin Does the Coding!

Nethilia is the founder and head admin of the Absolute Hairdorables Wiki.

If you need to talk to me directly, you may either leave a message on my wall or e-mail me (nethilia at gmail dot com; please title your e-mail so I know what you're discussing, or else it may get lost in my inbox). Please make sure your e-mails are about the wiki; I'm not much on casual discussion outside of forums if I don't know you. Mind your manners around grown folk.

I've run the American Girl Wiki for over ten years. I wiki with a firm hand and not a lot of jibber jabber. We aren't here to fansquee and BST. We're here to work and inform. Be Crisp.

The Bio

Close enough to the Real Me, artist and all.

  • Favorite Color: Sky Blue
  • Claim to Fame: Blogger/Toy Collector/Crafter/Artist/Novelist/Wiki Admin
  • Activities: Writing novels and stories, running my blog, crafting all kinds of things, and learning and talking all about vintage and cool new toys!
  • Motto: Everyone has a story to tell!

Which Hairdorables Am I?: Sallee, if Sallee also wrote as a form of art.

The Hairdorables

Fave Hairdorables Characters

They have my heart~