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Willow is one of the main characters of the Hairdorables Line.


Willow is a fashionista and the default fashion designer of her friends. She loves to design things for her friends, express herself through stylish outfits and accessories, and says that style is a state of mind; Noah's hairstyles inspire her to create fashions. Together, they make "a great team."[2] Willow loves unicorns, finds it fun to share fashion tips and tricks, and has a knack for helping others find their own unique styles. She says she's a bad cook and can't even make toast without burning it.[3] She has a brother[4] and other siblings she likes to dress up. She's scared of aliens. Her "thinking place" is her walk in closet, where she has tons of outfits.

Willow has flare and loves to express herself through stylish outfits and accessories. She finds it fun to share her fashion tips and tricks and has a knack for helping her friends and family find their own unique styles. Her key character traits are Fashionista, Bold, and Helpful.[5]

Released Versions

Included Releases

Affiliated Products

  • Glimmer Gemma
  • Getting Sleepy Gemma
  • Beach Baby Gemma
  • Magical Maya
  • Mighty Maya
  • Ultimate Maya
  • Pearltastic Maya
  • Catch a Wave Maya


  • Willow is the only character in Series One who does not have a version that comes with a hair clip extension. All her versions come with headbands.
  • While Willow Wings is marked in Series One as Willow's Signature Look, she is more often shown in the Willow Waves style.
  • Willow, Sallee, and Noah are the only characters in Series Three to have four dolls to the others' three, as they are included in all three sublines.
  • Willow for a time had the most variations of dolls, due to the multiple variants in Series Two and Three.
  • Each of Willow's variations have evoked a different fantasy creature: unicorns, mermaids, and fairies.


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