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Willow Waves is a Series One Willow release.

Full Description


  • Eyes: Light Blue/Light Pink, glancing left. Pink eye shadow.
  • Face: Open mouthed smile, bright pink lips.
  • Arms: Left Straight Arm, Right Bent Arm

Hair Color and Style

  • Color: Pale pink.
  • Style: Slightly curled hair. Front separate parted long bangs, long wavy hair. Initially styled in a half-ponytail in back.


Green and white bubble dress. Light green sleeveless bodice; center of bodice has pink heart with glued glitter overlay. Iridescent white bubble skirt. Light green lining under skirt.


Mint knee-high boots. White molded fur top cuff. pink front laces, Lavender molded toes and platform soles with parallel lines. Sole bottom has "cloud"/rippled bottoms.

First Accessory

Unicorn headband. Translucent iridescent blue plastic; molded unicorn ears with pink textured linings. Spiral gold metallic horn. Fine teeth on band.

Second Accessory

Unicorn purse. White main solid body. "Cloud" handles, molded zipper. Painted/molded lavender face on front: pink ear linings, black eyes and nostrils, mint/pink hair, yellow horn.


Teal Heart Wings Comb.


  • Willow Waves is the only Series One doll who does not share her base hairstyle with any other doll.